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​​It  wasn’t that many years ago that my family was desperate to salvage every single moment of sleep we could.  Our eldest daughter was a challenged sleeper, and I can still recall being crippled from exhaustion, which was a far cry from how I’d envisioned my life as a parent.

While many of my friends had children that naturally started to sleep through the night, my husband and I were growing heavily reliant on rocking, swaddling, shushing, and doing everything we possibly could to lull our daughter into sleep, only to repeat this process several times over each night.

We spent more time getting her to sleep than she actually slept, and we recognized that our struggle wasn’t getting easier; we were regressing in a big way. We knew that we just couldn’t continue with things the way that they were, and that we needed help. ​We found the information online to be conflicting, and although we attempted many things on our own, our situation wasn't improving.  It was then that we used a Pediatric Sleep Coach, and almost immediately, our eldest daughter was sleeping through the night! 

Using a sleep coach was life changing for us, and I soon developed a passion and interest in learning the importance of sleep in terms of a child’s temperament and development.  I’m absolutely passionate about helping other families that find themselves having sleeping challenges.  It’s no secret that we are at our best when we are healthy, well rested and happy, and I firmly believe that great sleep is a gift you can give your family for life. 

I’d love to help you and your family on this journey.

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